Save 50% on repair costs? The nationwide repair bonus makes it possible!

With the repair bonus, private individuals receive a subsidy of up to 200 Euros for the repair of electrical and electronic equipment (50% of the gross repair costs) and/or up to 30 Euros for obtaining a cost estimate. The subsidy is subtracted directly from the bill when a repair voucher is presented.

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The Reparaturbonus is a milestone for the international repair and climate protection movement and a continuation of the success story of the Viennese Reparaturbon. All eyes on Austria and recently you can hear Sepp Eisenriegler on US internet radio!
Recent Blog entry: Certified handypeople of the future

The first run of the ReSeTech education program has been successfully completed. We are working on a continuation and thank all participants!

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Joint Aid campaign for the Ukraine ended! Big thanks to all supporters!

With the car pharmacy exchange action, our joint civil society aid campaign for the Ukraine comes to an end. Octavian, ARBÖ and R.U.S.Z thank you for your willingness to donate!

Blogeintrag: Zivilgesellschaftliche Hilfsaktion für die Ukraine

"R.U.S.Z-Flankerl": Current Newsletter on the beginning of the end of the throwaway society

Our newsletter called "R.U.S.Z-Flankerl" is currently published 6x/year and is about the most important topics that have occupied us in the weeks before: Repair, resource conservation, circular economy, climate protection and much more!

Read more in the current Flankerl or browse the Flankerl archive. You can also subscribe to the Flankerl here.

The next generation: R.U.S.Z Social Franchising in the D-A-CH Region

After 30 years of intense lobbying for resource conservation, I am pleased to be able to harvest the fruits. You can find more information here.

The location R.U.S.Z - Vienna is a member of the repair network Vienna


Services at our locations

You can also find all the information in our service portfolio. This is currently only available in German language. The English version is already in work and coming soon. Click here for PDF-Download.


You no longer want to keep your old electrical equipment? Give it a chance for a second life! We gladly take (almost) any electrical equipment within our opening hours at Vienna .

We collect your old devices in the Vienna area for only 9 EUR (incl. VAT)! For donated Miele-appliances you get a R.U.S.Z. voucher worth 20 EUR!


We're looking for franchise partners!

As franchisor, R.U.S.Z. Franchising GmbH makes its successful business model available to interested franchise partners for use at new locations.

Become part of the repair movement: independent and financially autonomous. - But with a strong partner: Together instead of alone!


The time is now!

With the systemic change from the resource-destroying, linear to a circular economy suitable for grandchildren (EU Green Deal, Circular Economy Package and adaptation of the Ecodesign Directive), Europe will clear the way for durable and repairable products in the next few years. This will require a nationwide repair infrastructure. From the 2nd quarter of 2022, there will be a generous repair subsidy throughout Austria, which supports repairs for consumers with 50% and means a massive increase in sales for repair businesses. With the current amendment of the VAT Directive, the repair of household appliances will be further cheapened by a drastic reduction in the VAT rate. As a pioneer company with over 20 years of experience, R.U.S.Z has developed an eco-social franchise system for this purpose.


years of experience
tons of recycled waste equipment per year
repaired equipment per year

Repair and ReUse are climate protection

tons CO2 footprint of R.U.S.Z
tons of CO2 saved through repair and reuse

Customer feedback

Here you can find some customer opinions (original german comments translated by us):

Möchte mich einfach nur ganz herzlich bei Ihnen bzw Ihren Technikern bedanken,dass Sie meiner 30 Jahre alte Küchenmaschine das Leben gerettet haben. Das Gerät zu Ihnen gebracht - Fehler gesucht und gefunden - repariert und siehe da 2 Tage später wieder abgeholt. Und das alles zu einem fairen Preis und auch von sehr freundlichen Personal empfangen und betreut worden.
Also ich werde diese Firma sicher weiter empfehlen,bzw wenn notwendig selber wieder in Anspruch nehmen.
Also vielen Dank nochmal!

- Ingrid
(7. April 2022)
Herr Younes vom 14. Bezirk war wegen meiner Miele Waschmaschine, die keinen Muks mehr von sich gegeben, hat bei mir. Er hat in kürzester Zeit entdeckt, worum es geht. Hat mir einen Kostenvoranschlag gemacht und den kaputten Teil sofort bestellt. Nach einer Woche wurde ich angerufen, dass der Teil bereit ist zum Austauch. Er kam zum versprochenen Termin!! Er hat einen gebrauchten Teil mitgebracht und eingebaut. Es funktioniert einwandfrei und er hat mir – bin in Pension – auch noch viel Geld erspart. Vielen herzlichen Dank und ich werde euch bestimmt weiterempfehlen…. vielen, vielen Dank für die Hilfe

- Anna
(5. März 2022)
Ich habe meine Stehlampe zum reparieren vorbei gebracht. Vielen Dank für’s wieder instand setzen – habe sie am Mittwoch mittags gebracht und konnte sie heute bereits wieder holen. War super schnell!
Ich komme wieder und werde euch auch weiterempfehlen!

- Elisabeth
(25. Februar 2022)
Ich bin wirklich begeistert. Der Techniker war überpünktlich, sehr freundlich und vor allem blitzschnell.
Binnen 20 Minuten war mein Trockner wieder in Ordnung.

- Christine
(17. November 2021)
Hängende Kühlschranktür und kaputte Waschmaschine wurden von einen freundlichen kompetenten Servicemann in Kürze repariert. Vielen Dank

- Gabriele
(8. September 2021)



Our most important references are satisfied customers. Furthermore, we are also very pleased to have been awarded numerous prizes.