Social Franchising is understood by R.U.S.Z as a public welfare oriented, long-term service system for the scaling of the successful ecology project Repair and ReUse of electrical and electronic appliances, linked with the labor market policy necessity of employing disadvantaged groups of people.

R.U.S.Z's eco-social business model has been validated by the successful audit of its common good balance sheet.

The organizational structure is based on close cooperation between a system head office as franchisor and independent repair entrepreneurs as franchisees under the common brand R.U.S.Z The system head office is the franchisee.

In order to have a truly sustainable impact, social entrepreneurs must also be economically successful in the long term. With our comprehensive franchise service package, we create the conditions for R.U.S.Z franchise partners to be active in the common good and to enable a secure existence for themselves and their families.

As a result, committed repair professionals can benefit as franchisees from an elaborated and proven concept and help shape a genuine eco-social transformation.

As a franchisor, R.U.S.Z thus simultaneously promotes the spread of its idea and multiplies its success at new locations.