We repair almost every equipment through which electricity flows in our workshops in Vienna. As a certified mechatronics company, we repair almost every electrical eqipment of all brands. There are only a few exceptions that we cannot repair. Here you can find a list of all equipment we repair:

Your equipment is not listed? Please feel free to ask us! Since we do not repair peripherals (e.g.: printers) & Apple products ourselves, here are some repair companies recommended for this purpose:

Attention: We repair large household appliances only on site!

Here's how it works:


Bring or send equipment

You bring your device to our workshop during opening hours. You can also send the device to us if you enclose the cost of the estimate (60€ incl. VAT) in cash.


Diagnosis & Cost Estimate

We take a close look at your equipment and prepare a cost estimate. The duration varies depending on the order situation and type of equipment.

Per equipment we charge 60€ (incl. VAT) for the quotation. This includes the working time for error analysis, determination of spare parts availability, collection of spare parts costs and determination of the total repair price.

These prices are our usual prices. Get a repair voucher at www.reparaturbonus.at and you pay only half.


You decide

We will inform you by phone, SMS or E-Mail about the costs for the repair and ask you to call us back. The working time is charged with 40€/15min. (incl. VAT).

These prices are our usual prices. Get a repair voucher at www.reparaturbonus.at and you pay only half.


We repair

After you have confirmed the cost estimate, we will repair your equipment, whereby the duration of the repair depends on the order situation and spare parts procurement.


Pick up, pay & use for longer

We will inform you by phone call, SMS or e-mail when your device is ready for pickup. Upon pickup, you can pay cash or with ATM card .

If there is a problem with the device, we will take care of it based on the legal warranty law.

We repair:

⇒On-site: Washing machines, dryers, washer-dryers, dishwashers, electric stoves, built-in steam cookers, ovens, extractors, hobs (electronic)

⇒ In the Workshop: Fernseher, Küchenmaschinen, Kaffeevollautomaten, Siebträgerkaffeemaschinen, Staubsauger und Saug-Roboter, Nähmaschinen (elektrisch und mechanisch), Dampfbügeleisen, -stationen, -maschinen, Mikrowellen, Elektrische Rasenmäher und Mäh-Roboter, Elektrowerkzeug, TV-Geräte (auch Einstellung/Programmierung/Umstellung auf DVB-T2), Videogeräte (VHS), DVD-Geräte, DVD-Video-Kombigeräte, (Digitale) Sat-Receiver, Desktop-Computer, Notebooks/Laptops, Flachbildschirme, Navigationsgeräte (nur Hardware), Audio- und Stereoanlagen, Plattenspieler, Radios, Röhrenradios, CD-Player, Kassettendecks, tragbare CD- oder Kassetten-Player, Tuner, Verstärker, Tonbandgeräte, Wurlitzer, Lampen, Fernsehsessel, Luftbefeuchter und -entfeuchter (keine Kompressoren), Heizstrahler, Ventilatoren

We do not repair: Refrigerators, freezers, capsule coffee machines, Video2000, VCR, Betamax, Video8, Apple products, tablets & cell phones, peripherals (printers, scanners, etc.), speaker boxes, car radios, air conditioning

We are looking forward to your visit!