Who buys cheap, buys expensive!

Not only does cheap equipment usually have to be replaced more quickly than a more expensive one, more and more defects in newer equipment can no longer be economically repaired, but in older equipment they tend to be. Studies have shown that the service life of new equipment decreases. Despite technological progress! If this has to do with planned obsolescence?

This means: Repairing older equipment almost always pays off. When considering whether it is still worthwhile to repair it, it makes sense to consider the investment costs per year. From our 20 years of experience, we know that old, repaired equipment can be used for many years to come and far exceed the lifetime of many a new unit.

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Does it pay off? Decide for yourself!

For those who own it, electrical equipment is often like an object from another star: Less and less of us know what it looks like from the inside and if it doesn't work as it should, we are dependent on the help of others. These others are often not real repairers, because more and more often they want to sell us something new because they earn more with it. Then they say: "There is nothing more to be done. It no longer pays off." The customers are relieved of the decision.

We give our customers the opportunity to decide for themselves whether it pays off by providing a serious cost estimate and not by making blanket judgements.

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