Waste of resources

Critical, non-regenerative raw materials are wasted to push ever more short-lived electric and electrical equipment into the markets!

It is impossible to imagine our everyday life without electric and electrical equipment. But the raw materials for the equipment are finite and the demand is constantly increasing. Your smartphone contains up to 30 different metals. The required metals come from different parts of the world, mainly from developing or emerging countries such as South Africa, the Republic of Congo or China.

⇒ The construction and operation of mines often goes hand in hand with environmental damage: In order to reach the ore-bearing strata, forests often have to be cleared over large areas and earth and rock removed.

⇒ Also, precious metals can only be dissolved from the rock in part by the use of toxic chemicals such as mercury - there is a risk that the harmful substances could be released into the environment. (Source: Informationszentrum Mobilfunk)

⇒ In addition, there is often a exploitative practice in which the countries of origin and ordinary workers hardly benefit at all. Human rights and occupational safety are a distant dream in many mines.

This economy is not suitable for grandchildren ...

The demand for resources is continuously increasing and the deposits are finite.

The World Exhaustion Day of a given year is the day when human demand for natural resources exceeds the earth's capacity to reproduce those resources in that year.

1987 the day was on December 19.
2019 it was already July 29.

More information about World Exhaustion Day you can find here.


Circular Economy

By repairing old equipment and recycling spare parts, we at R.U.S.Z. make a significant contribution to keeping valuable raw materials in the economic cycle and using them as sensibly as possible. This saves valuable raw materials and the environment!

Sepp Eisenriegler: "When you put an electrical appliance into operation for the first time, more than half of the damage has already been done: Over 50% of the environmental impact in the life of a washing machine is caused by its production and distribution."

Selbst reparieren

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