The franchise concept offers the best conditions for a start-up in the rapidly growing repair sector and enables your personal success as an independent franchise partner.

We're looking for franchise partners!

As franchisor, R.U.S.Z. Franchising GmbH makes its successful business model available to interested franchise partners for use at new locations.

Become part of the repair movement: independent and financially autonomous. - But with a strong partner: Together instead of alone!


The time is now!

With the systemic change from the resource-destroying, linear to a circular economy suitable for grandchildren (EU Green Deal, Circular Economy Package and adaptation of the Ecodesign Directive), Europe will clear the way for durable and repairable products in the next few years. This will require a nationwide repair infrastructure. From the 2nd quarter of 2022, there will be a generous repair subsidy throughout Austria, which supports repairs for consumers with 50% and means a massive increase in sales for repair businesses. With the current amendment of the VAT Directive, the repair of household appliances will be further cheapened by a drastic reduction in the VAT rate. As a pioneer company with over 20 years of experience, R.U.S.Z has developed an eco-social franchise system for this purpose.


Selbstständig mit Reparatur von Elektrogeräten: R.U.S.Z Franchise in 60 Sek. erklärt:

The repair and service center R.U.S.Z introduces itself:

Source: Austrian Living Standard Award 2020

Tour of the R.U.S.Z Vienna:

Die R.U.S.Z Franchising GmbH ist Mitglied im Österreichischen Franchiseverband:

Use it longer - replace it less

Following our mission statement, we have been repairing electrical equipment from the fields of household and consumer electronics for more than 20 years.

⇒ The R.U.S.Z is a pioneer company in the circular economy.

⇒ Around 98 tons of WEEE properly taken over for professional treatment per year (ReUse and recovery of secondary raw materials).

⇒ Around 9,000 repairs carried out per year


R.U.S.Z has received several prizes and awards for its social and ecological commitment:

Lobbying, PR and projects of R.U.S.Z

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Advantages of cooperation for the franchise partner

Face challenges as a team, not alone: trustful cooperation with the common goal to build a successful business

simplified path to successful self-employment

immediate start possible

many years of experience with a proven and sustainable business idea

ongoing support from a competent team

Support in financing: preparation of investment plan, financing concept, liquidity plan, bank contacts, etc.

Management aids in site search and analysis, equipment planning, central purchasing, etc.

Participation in the franchise-specific "all in one" intranet syncOne® - an intelligent online and app technology

Training of franchise partners and their employees

Supraregional marketing

Recognition value of the protected trademark R.U.S.Z

Presence on the R.U.S.Z website

very fair franchise conditions

guaranteed exclusive area


  • Franchisor since 2020
  • Franchise headquarters in 1140 Vienna
  • Entry fee: € 20,000
  • Ongoing fees: 5% franchise fee
  • Total investment from € 70,000
  • Franchise-Partner*innen können zwischen verschiedenen Betriebsgrößen wählen. Abhängig von der Betriebsgröße stehen unterschiedliche Geschäftsfelder zur Verfügung.
  • The following applies to all of them: exclusivity through a secure, future-proof and sustainable market.
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Activities and roles

of franchise partner and franchisor


The essential activities of the Franchise Partner* include:

  • Establishment and expansion of business areas for a defined territory
  • Use of the name and logo of the R.U.S.Z brand for all distribution
  • Uniform appearance vis-à-vis consumers
  • Regional advertising
  • Further training of employees
  • Compliance with quality standards
  • Cooperation in the further development of the franchise system


The major activities of the franchisor include:

  • Passing on the experience and the entire knowledge of the business areas
  • Professional trainings
  • Provision of the repair order and merchandise planning & control system
  • Supraregional advertising
  • Creation and management of the intranet offer of the franchise system
  • Further development of the product and service range

The way to franchise partnerships


If this information about the franchise system and the repair and service center R.U.S.Z. as franchisor has aroused your interest, we would be pleased if you would Contact aufnehmen


You can also find all the information in our franchise info folder. Click here for PDF-Download.