Activities of the R.U.S.Z Managing Director at EU level:

 EU Commission: registered as an expert for circular economy

 EU Economic and Social Committee: Expert

 Contractor of the JRC (scientific think tank of the EU Commission)

 Presentation of the Austrian standard ONR 192102, developed largely by R.U.S.Z, and its 2014 update "Label of Excellence for Durable Electrical and Electronic Equipment Designed for Easy Repair" in many EU capitals, including at the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen...

  In 2016, the EU Commission commissioned the major EU standardization organizations with the mandate "Energy related products - Material efficiency for Ecodesign". 1.5 years Head of Working Group 3 "Reparability, Reusability and Upgrade" in the corresponding CEN-CENELEC JTC10 committee.

 Austria: Initiation of the parliamentarian petition in support of the repair businesses

 R.U.S.Z is partner in the EU project PROMPT. Project objective: Development of independent testing methods for the detection of premature obsolescence in new equipment. Top-class consortium. Funding volume: EUR 5 million

 Further projects at national and EU level

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