The federal repair bonus has been available since April 26, 2022!

With the repair bonus, private individuals receive a subsidy of up to 200 Euros for the repair of electrical and electronic equipment (50% of the gross repair costs) and/or up to 30 Euros for obtaining a cost estimate. The subsidy is subtracted directly from the bill when a repair voucher is presented. 

You can create the repair bonus directly here (takes about 1-2 minutes). 

Important info about the repair bonus:

- There can be only one valid voucher per person, which can be renewed after redemption. 

- The repair voucher can be redeemed digitally or printed out within three weeks at a participating partner company. 

- In addition, you will receive the receipt by e-mail 

All people without printer, smartphone or internet
can come to us at R.U.S.Z. with confidence:

We have set up a PC in our customer center especially for this target group and will be happy to help you download the repair bonus! 

The repair bonus is a milestone for the international repair and climate protection movement and a continuation of the success story of the Vienna repair bonus.  

Repair is the supreme discipline of the circular economy!