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50 People wrote to us:

Alles klappt wie vereinbart – wirklich super!

12. July 2024

Ich bin sehr zufrieden, die Herren waren sehr kompetent und sehr schnell. Der Fehler wurde schnell gefunden und repariert. Sehr zu empfehlen.

11. July 2024

Ich kann mir als gelernter Elektriker vieles selbst reparieren aber eben doch nicht alles. Daher begrüße ich die Tatsache, dass es ihre Reparatur-Werkstätte wieder gibt. Das ist ein wertvoller Beitrag im Sinne des vernünftigen Umgangs mit Ressourcen. ! Weitermachen!

17. April 2024

Alles ok Rep erfolgreich nette Leute Danke kommen gerne wieder

22. March 2024

Vielen Dank der Firma R.U.S.Z. und im besonderen Herrn O. für die souveräne Rettung meiner Geschirrspülmaschine, der das Ersatzteil dabei hatte.
Der Hinweis auf den Reparaturbonus war ebenfalls sehr hilfreich.

19. March 2024

S.g. Team, ich hatte heute, 14.02.2024, wieder einmal das Glück dass mein Wasch-Trockner aufgrund der schnellen, professionellen, sauberen und freundlichen Durchführung durch den Techniker wieder einwandfrei läuft. Ich bin sehr froh dass ihr die Arbeit wieder aufnehmen konntet. Durch die gezielte Anfrage bei der Terminvereinbarung hatte der Techniker gleich den richtigen Ersatzteil mit. Pünktliche Anfahrt, schnelle aber genaue Problemerfassung und Reparatur und der Wasch-Trockner war nach rd. 1 Stunde wieder in Betrieb. Vielen Dank!

14. February 2024

Am 4.12. wurde mein Geschirrspüler von ihrem Techniker Hr. O. fachmännisch repariert. Sehr guter Mann.

6. December 2023

Ich bin sehr froh, dass es R.U.S.Z. wieder gibt!
Herr O. hat gestern meine tropfende Waschmaschinenpumpe ausgetauscht. Er ist kompetent, schnell und dabei freundlich.
Ich wünsche dem neuen/alten R.U.S.Z. Ein langes Leben!

21. November 2023

Herr O. hat meinen Geschirrspüler in Rekordtempo repariert. Binnen 25 Minuten war alles erledigt. Danke vielmals!

15. November 2023

Danke für die tadellose Reparatur meiner Spülmaschine. Abwicklung hat prima funktioniert. Der Techniker – Herr Y. – war schnell und sehr kompetent. Dank des Reparatur Gutscheins hat sich die Aktion trotz Alter des Gerätes doch noch ausgezahlt. Ich bin jedenfalls sehr zufrieden.

17. February 2023

Mein Geschirrspüler wollte leider nicht und über den Wiener Reparaturbonus, bin ich auf diesen Firma gestoßen.
Habe sofort einen Termin bekommen, der Hr. war pünktlich da, hat den Schaden entdeckt und das Ersatzteil bestellt, das auch 2 Tage später, schon da war und eingebaut werden konnte.
Für beide Termine gab es eine Rechnung, mit genauer Auflistung der Kosten – alles verständlich für einen Laien.
Der Kundenservice war auch sehr nett.
Würde ich bei Problemen jederzeit wieder wählen.

14. February 2023

meine Waschmaschine war schwierig, sie brauchte drei Anläufe um repariert zu werden. Der super-kompetente Techniker hat das alles ganz toll in den Griff gekriegt (Motor, kaputtes Paneel, Elektronik).
Und das zu einem sehr fairen Preis. Reparaturbonus war natürlich auch hilfreich. DANKE

26. January 2023

Meine Eudora funktioniert wieder. Der Techniker war sehr kompetent und freundlich. Dank Reparaturbonus musste ich nur die Hälfte der Kosten zahlen. Besten Dank.

11. December 2022

My washing machine works again! A very competent and quick repair. Broken parts changed, repairsbon accepted and repaired without complications. To recommend 100%!

21. November 2022

Brought my beloved satellite receiver with DVD function to be repaired and after a few days picked it up !! from me you get 5 stars ***** friendly, competent and i say thank you

15. October 2022

Dear RUSZ team, you have given me pure joy! Right now I'm listening to my hot rock'n'roll music from the 53 year old studio tape recorder you repaired. Elvis sings "if you are looking for trouble..." ("if you are looking for trouble..."). I was not looking for trouble, I HAD trouble, sorrow. And you have made joy out of it. At minimal cost. Who still knows the old technologies? There is hardly any service possibility in Europe for these devices. Thank you very much! PS: I transfer a small bonus to make you also a little joy

26. September 2022

My broken cooktop is working again! The technician came on time, was very friendly and was done within 10 minutes. Filled out online appointment booking, redeemed repair voucher and the whole thing was stress free. I am quite thrilled and will certainly use the company again or recommend it to others!

22. August 2022

Thank you for the prompt and perfect repair. My Marantz amplifier was a top device in the 70s, but the ravages of time have greatly diminished the listening pleasure. Now it sounds like it did back then. If he does it again for so long, he will outlive me :-))).

29. April 2022

I would just like to thank you and your technicians for saving the life of my 30-year-old food processor. The device brought to you --fault searched and found-- repaired and lo and behold 2 days later picked up again. And all this at a fair price and also received by very friendly staff and cared for.
I will certainly recommend this company to others, or if necessary, I will use it again.
So thank you again!

7. April 2022

Mr. Y. from the 14th district came to see me about my Miele washing machine, which no longer made a sound. He discovered in no time what it was all about. Made me an estimate and ordered the broken part immediately. After a week I was called, that the part is ready for replacement. He came on the promised date!!! He brought a used part and installed it. It works flawlessly and he also saved me - am retired - a lot of money. Thank you very much and I will definitely recommend you.... many, many thanks for the help

5. March 2022

I brought my floor lamp over to be repaired. Thank you for repairing it - I brought it Wednesday at noon and was able to get it back today. Was super fast!
I will be back and will also recommend you to others!

25. February 2022

I am really thrilled. The technician was overly punctual, very friendly and, above all, lightning fast. Within 20 minutes, my dryer was back in order.

17. November 2021

Hanging refrigerator door and broken washing machine were repaired shortly by a friendly competent service man. Many thanks

8. September 2021

I had the opportunity to meet one of your service technicians on 06/30 and 07/12/2021 and was very pleasantly surprised by his professionalism and friendliness.
He narrowed down the fault in our washing machine in no time, got the correct replacement part and replaced it in short order on his second visit.
Since then, the washing machine works again without any problems.
Many heartfelt thanks to your SUPER employee Mr. T. - you can be proud of him!

25. August 2021

Mr. Y. from the 1140 Vienna location was very friendly and above all very competent. He discovered the problem in a short time, why the dishwasher no longer works and also fixed it immediately. Due to the repair voucher, the whole thing was also particularly favorable.
We are happy to recommend your company. It makes sense to have equipment repaired instead of buying new right away.

20. June 2021

Have both my coffee machine at work as well as my electric stove and washing machine repaired on site by you and am more than satisfied. Price - performance very good

13. May 2021

My top loader had bearing damage. Other companies have immediately waved off, from the company R.U.S.Z came a very friendly and competent gentleman who could solve the problem. The repair voucher made the whole thing affordable. Anytime again!

12. May 2021

We were sorry for our old, broken floor lamp, we brought it to RUSZ:
friendly and competent advice and successful repair of Oleg.
Now we are glad to have them back, thank you.

27. January 2021

The repair of our electric stove was fast, competent, highly professional and friendly! Many thanks to Mr. T.! Absolutely recommend it!

4. November 2020

Thank you for the really competent, fast and pleasant washing machine repair of our 12 -15 years old AEG at a really fair price. It was absolutely worth it!
Seldom have I been allowed to watch such a pleasant, trustworthy and, as I said, competent technician at work and, based on this experience, I would have my appliances repaired again and again by and at R.U.S.Z.

24. October 2020

Extremely satisfied! Short term appointments, technicians punctual, friendly and competent. Prices ABSOLUTELY reasonable compared to other companies!

13. October 2020

Thank you for the quick, competent and also friendly repair of my electric stove. In particular, I would like to thank the electrician (Mr. D.). It was also great that the spare part was immediately there and the bill with the Viennese repair coupon could be handled without any problems. Gladly again at any time!

8. October 2020

Although already old washing machine-but repair was worth it! Like new again! Much better than throwing away and buy new!

3. October 2020

My partially integrated dishwasher has water leaking on both sides of the door. The technician called in by another company could not find any fault, the appliance was to be removed and taken to service, which I refused. I then contacted the company Rusz and in a few days I was promised an appointment. The technician did not need 2 minutes to detect the problem. I can only warmly recommend this company! Reliable, friendly, competent!
Thank you, dear Mr. G!

16. September 2020

Dear Rusz team!
Thank you for the quick and competent repair of my washing machine at a really reasonable price!

7. July 2020

4 year old Whirlpool dishwasher stopped working. Technician D. was very friendly and competent, removed the dishwasher within a few minutes, identified the motor as the problem, replaced a defective condenser and after less than 30 minutes the problem was fixed. Thanks again for the super professional service!

3. July 2020

Mr. D. was with us to repair our dishwasher. He was quick, neat and did an excellent job. In addition, he was very nice and told us exactly what he was doing. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Thank you again!

22. June 2020

Many thanks for the rapid completion! Not only that the employee was extremely friendly and competent, I also had the good feeling that here the equipment as long as possible want and should be kept "alive".
And the cost - very fair!
I will certainly recommend you!

18. June 2020

DENON CD changer was repaired. (Replacement of the laser) At the first attempt it did not work. A second laser was installed (at no extra charge). Since then everything works again. Super service! Every time again.

14. June 2020

Just had the R.U.S.Z. technician in for my washing machine. I usually do not give written feedback, but this time it must be. Mr. T. was on time, friendly, competent, quick, did a clean job, works like new, ..... Perfect service at a reasonable price. MANY THANKS!

27. April 2020

Dear RUSZ team! Sensational service! Competent first telephone reception of the problem with our washing machine; appointment still in the same week!, mechanic announces that he will be 10! minutes late and apologizes again when coming; afterwards he checks the machine briefly - explains the problem, repairs in no time at all, tests - everything works, and on top of that at a really fair price! I'm happy to recommend you guys anytime! THANKS 👍😀

27. February 2020

12 year old dishwasher was broken. Whirlpool hotline said after 12 years, the repair is hardly worth it... Appointment at R.U.S.Z. was quickly arranged, an insanely nice technician came on time and fixed the problem for 96.00 euros! Thank you!

26. August 2019

I am thrilled! My 20 year old micro stereo, which no longer exists in this type and design, is fully functional again. Cassette and CD player had failed. The sound quality of my old metal cassettes: still excellent. The system fits perfectly with my interior, so why buy something new? Even the display lighting was renewed.
Excellent work! Thank you very much!

7. July 2019

Sony PS 4 VR power supply repaired - otherwise I would have had to throw away the entire hardware, since repairing it at Sony would have cost at least € 200. Runs again flawlessly. Thank you.

19. June 2019

At first I couldn't imagine that it would really be so uncomplicated, but... even though I first gave them the wrong problem, the washing machine was fixed in no time and works perfectly. These are professionals and also people who think sustainably. It's good to have your address in the cell phone

22. May 2019

Great: On time, competent, reasonably priced and ecological! My 20 year old dishwasher now does what it should again!

28. November 2018

Had another angel from RUSZ with us on Friday, quickly received appointment, on time and after 15 minutes the problem of our dishwasher was identified, fixed, the unit reassembled and back in its place in the kitchenette - thank you very much! I am always impressed!

3. June 2018

Very competent !!!
Fast, reliable!!!
I am very satisfied!

21. October 2017

Punctual, friendly, competent, moderate prices. Repairing instead of buying new - suits me!

9. December 2016

Perfect! Extremely friendly, competent, fast and fair prices - and above all, the clothes dryer now works again!

15. April 2016