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The Viennese Repair Coupon takes a break until March 2021

A preliminary balance - there is reason to rejoice!

The Viennese Repair Coupon, launched in September 2020, exceeded all expectations: Over 10,000 coupons were downloaded within a few weeks, and 5,400 products were repaired. Having broken things repaired rather than throwing them away is not only a good example of how the circular economy works, but also an active contribution to climate protection. The repairs have saved around 130 tons of greenhouse gases.

First evaluations of the R.U.S.Z. show: 50% of our repair coupon customers are new customers, which we are very happy about! Furthermore, 50% of the equipment that we have billed via the repair coupon are those that otherwise would not have been ordered for repair. Thus, we can fully confirm the success of the repair coupon.

Using products for longer means actively protecting the climate, because if you extended the life of all washing machines, notebooks, vacuum cleaners and smartphones in the EU area by just a single year, you could save around 4 million tons of CO2. That would be the same saving that would be achieved if there were suddenly 2 million fewer cars on the roads for a year.

The Viennese repair coupon has been in an evaluation phase since 11.12.2020, is to be available again from March 2021 and will continue to run until 2023. Of course, you can still register for the Viennese repair coupon. Then you will be informed by e-mail when the action is continued.

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