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Eco-social franchising

Dear friends of the R.U.S.Z!

After 30 years of intensive lobbying for resource conservation, I am pleased to now be able to reap the fruits of my sowing.

During the first 10 years as a work-integrative company, I was able to position the R.U.S.Z as an EU repair innovator. Even after the subsequent, not entirely voluntary, privatization, the R.U.S.Z has always been a shining beacon with regard to the ecological and social dimensions of sustainability. The economic success of the last few years has also been helped by the Wiener Reparaturbon, which since 21.9.2020 has made a contribution to compensating for the existing market failure that has disadvantaged reputable repair service providers for the longest time. The "cheap" throwaway devices will no longer exist anyway - also due to our EU-wide commitment - from 2025.

Now we start our social franchising system to multiply this success and to offer our services to other consumers in the D-A-CH region. From now on, R.U.S.Z offers its successful business concept for repair services and re-use to interested franchise partners for use in new locations. We want to promote - first in Austria and then in the D-A-CH region - the repair and reuse of electrical and electronic equipment with our proven eco-social franchise system and at the same time support new, sustainable businesses and jobs.

According to an EU-wide survey, 77% of Europeans would seek to have broken appliances repaired rather than buy new ones (Flash Eurobarometer 388, 2014). In contrast, recent consumer surveys conducted as part of our PROMPT project to develop independent testing methods against premature obsolescence show a shocking picture of Europeans' repair behavior: only 30% of European households have e-appliances repaired, and of these, 50% are dissatisfied with the repair.

The main reason for this is that there is no sufficient supply of reputable repair services. We want to change that now! With our eco-social franchising system we offer interested parties to build up the missing serious repair infrastructure together with us as franchise partners - first in the D-A-CH region, then in the entire EU - and to profit from it. In some Austrian provinces there is already a repair subsidy for consumers, which compensates the existing market failure until a socially balanced, ecological tax reform.

New franchise partners will help to set up repair networks at their locations based on the model of the Reparaturnetzwerk Wien (Repair Network Vienna) We have carefully developed and tested our R.U.S.Z franchising system over the last few years. Now a turnkey concept is available. An initial information for interested parties will be available soon on our newly designed website I am looking forward to a tsunami of contacts from qualified interested parties from the D-A-CH region 😉

Your Sepp Eisenriegler

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