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Welcome to your online survey for potential R.U.S.Z - Franchise Partners!


The survey consists of a total of 35 questions from the following categories:


1. Personal background
2. Favorable conditions to enter the franchise system
3. Identification with the mission of the R.U.S.Z.
4. Cooperation with the R.U.S.Z.
5. Need for further information


The answers are in the form of single- and multiple-choice, as well as in open form. In addition, there is the possibility to upload a maximum of 3 documents (.pdf or image file with a maximum of 5MB each) before submitting the survey, as well as to leave a voluntary final comment.


Please take sufficient time to answer the following questions.


Please note:

The survey can only be taken once. You can switch between questions at any time during the survey. Answers that have already been entered will be retained, but can be changed until the survey is completed by clicking the 'Submit' button. After submitting, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the information you entered. This will also be sent to your potential franchisor as a basis for further discussion. Please also check the spam folder in your e-mail program so that our responses reach you.


Data protection: The data you provide as part of this questionnaire will be collected and stored exclusively for the preparation of a possible cooperation within the framework of a franchise partnership. Please refer to the information at If there are no further contacts in preparation for a possible cooperation within the framework of a franchise partnership, or if the relevant discussions are terminated without success, all data provided within the framework of this questionnaire will be deleted within three working days. By clicking "Send" you agree to this procedure.




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