Reparatur- und Service-Zentrum

Turquoise-Green Government Program Contains Pleasing Proposals

Attention cheering news: All of our demands to conserve resources and save the repair trade in our 2018 parliamentary petition are in the government program!

The proposed measures include:

  • Tax reductions for repairs
  • Access to repair information and spare parts
  • Support for repair cafés
  • Promotion of voluntary dealer guarantees
  • Support for the development of the Ecodesign Directive and the VAT Directive


⇒ To be read in the Regierungsprogramm (S. 141-142)
Here a contribution to the topic in 'heute konkret'
Here a ZIB article on the government's planned repair bonus

ACHTUNG: Die im ZIB-Beitrag genannte Preisreduktion von € 152,- auf unter € 140,- (für die Vor-Ort Reparatur von Waschmaschinen) ist allein die Wirkung einer MwSt.-Reduktion. The "repair bonus" also mentioned in the program, which already exists in Graz, Upper Austria and Lower Austria, would reduce the reduced price even further: to € 70! (Each household gets 50% of the repair costs replaced, up to a total funding of 100, - / year.).