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January 1, 2020 marked the 25th anniversary of Austria's accession to the EU

To mark the occasion, the City of Vienna has produced a short video presenting four sustainable projects.

As early as 1995, the year of its accession, Vienna began to implement projects with EU funding. On the one hand, they served to deepen relations in Europe. On the other hand, many measures were implemented with EU funds to improve the quality of life in Vienna. Since 2007 alone, some 200 EU projects have been implemented.

From the large number of projects, four have been selected as representative, which also represent the range of topics dealt with:

  • Gürtel: Many Viennese associate the Gürtel with the EU or EU funding. In the meantime, numerous EU projects have helped to make the urban area even more attractive beyond the Gürtel. 
  • Josef Strauß Park: is one of many parks that EU funds have helped to blossom again.
  • Lobau National Park House: Project partners from Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia deepened the understanding of sensitive ecosystems in alluvial landscapes.
  • RUSZ (Repair and Service Center): is a project of the first hour, which grew steadily in the 25 years.

Click here for the long version (in German): "25 Jahre EU in Wien"

More information can be found in the Rathauskorrespondenz vom 16.1.2020