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Expert meeting on the Erasmus + project "BvB Migration+".

On Tuesday, October 22, an expert conference on the Erasmus+ project "BvB Migration+" will take place at the Urania in Vienna on the topic of "Vocational preparation and integration into the training market of refugee youth and youth with a migration background". Organizers are the Diakonisches Werk des Kirchenkreises Rendsburg-Eckernförde gGmbH, as well as the R.U.S.Z - Association for the promotion of social economy.

Good training for young people is a concern of R.U.S.Z.. Refugee youths and youths with a migrant background often have more difficult access to the training market because they lack previous language and school knowledge. European solutions are needed here to prepare young people for the training market.

The focus of the ERASMUS+ project "BvB Migration+", which is being implemented by the seven partners from seven EU member states (Germany, Austria, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Bulgaria), is the development, testing and sustainable implementation of an EU-wide uniform concept of measures based on quality standards.

The multiplier event serves to present the theoretical contents and the products developed so far and to discuss them with experts against the background of the practical testing of the results by the project partners and to prepare the ground for a sustainable application of the overall qualification by educational institutions and socially integrative enterprises.

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