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An impressive result after a turbulent registration week

  • About 1,100 volunteers throughout Austria.
  • About 100 actions in the registration week.
  • About 200 companies (incl. Billa, ÖBB, VBV, Wiener Linien, Adamah Biohof, ökostrom AG, Bank Austria, Windkraft Simonsfeld, ...).
  • Over 150 celebrities from sports, the arts and society, directors and presidents of central institutions and universities.
  • About 140 organizations (incl. Red Cross, Rural Youth, Alpine Club, Greenpeace, Federal Youth Council,...).
  • The six largest faith communities of the country with their highest representatives.

Signatures have more than tripled to 380,590.

BLOG_Zwischenbilanz Klimavolksbegehren

(And that, although there was a hour-long system shutdown at the Ministry of the Interior on the first AND last day of the registration week. People at offices all over Austria were sent home without signing. This is a shocking restriction of democratic rights! Not to think what would be going on if people would be sent home without voting in elections! A corresponding compensation must be the result at the parliamentary motion of SPÖ and Grüne to this Causa!)

The next step is the treatment of our demands in the National Council. The impressive result must lead to implementation, because this is for the achievement of the Paris climate goals without alternative!

The earlier we set the measures,

⇒ the cheaper and more useful they are,
⇒ the more climate disasters we prevent,
⇒ the more lives we save,
⇒ the more likely we are to achieve a fair life for all.

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