Reparatur- und Service-Zentrum

No more advertising messages like "Hau weg den Dreck"(="Get rid of the dirt"), rather "Use longer instead of buying more often"!

We need durable and repair-friendly products instead of a tripling of the global consumption of raw materials since the 1970s. Highly skilled jobs in the Austrian repair industry are becoming fewer and fewer. Between 2005 and 2015 alone, more than 600 skilled workers lost their jobs. As a result, valuable knowledge is disappearing and trainees are finding fewer and fewer attractive apprenticeships. Far too many Austrian, small and medium-sized repair businesses have had to compete against

  • global exploitation of raw materials at dumping prices and
  • outrageously low labor costs in emerging markets

meanwhile close down or even go bankrupt.

That's why we're launching a petition to promote the repair economy and demand:

  • An immediate and drastic reduction of the value-added tax for serious repair services and the commercial sale of legally compliant reconditioned used equipment with warranty.
  • An Austria-wide repair subsidy, as is already the case in the provincial capital of Graz at the municipal level and in Sweden even at the national level.


On page 173 of the current government program, there is a clear commitment to promoting durable, repairable and recyclable products.

Until the finale of the Austrian EU Presidency at the end of this year, those in charge can realize their political goals both in Austria and across the EU.

Thank you for signing and spreading these simple and meaningful demands - join us in sending a clear and unmistakable message.