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Compendium on Circular Economy in the EU

The scientific anthology "Circular Economy in the EU - An Interim Balance", edited by Sepp Eisenriegler, is now available in stores!

The implementation of the circular economy means a major transformation from a resource-destroying, linear to a grandchild-friendly, circular economy. It is not designed to do without growth. However, the post-growth economy, as some authors rightly call for, is currently politically unconnectable. Progressive scholars have for decades recommended services instead of product ownership, sharing and reuse models, and a general shift away from the growth paradigm in order to reduce our imperial way of life to a socio-ecologically acceptable level.

This book presents an interim assessment of the implementation of a circular economy in the EU. It reveals what has been done, largely unnoticed by the public, in the EU institutions, what scientific foundations are available and what NGOs are demanding beyond that. Renowned authors provide convincing arguments for getting off the hamster wheel of material need satisfaction and show that the primacy of the economy stands in the way of a good life for all.

On the publisher's website you can read a short summary of each of the 15 chapters.